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Meet Your Travel Advisor

Hey there, I’m Jen, and I’m thrilled to be your travel companion on the next chapter of your adventure. Life is a story waiting to be written, and for me, travel is where those stories truly begin. I’ve worn many hats in this journey called life – from teacher and professor to entrepreneur and mental health advocate – but my absolute favorite role is helping you explore the world.

Having visited all but one U.S. state (can you guess which?), my own journey has been a mosaic of experiences. Yet, there’s something magical about curating travel experiences for others. I’ve had the privilege of exploring beautiful destinations like Italy, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Hawaii, Peru, Ghana, Puerto Rico, and many more. Personally, I have a soft spot for white sand beaches and crystal-clear, bath-warm waters – the kind that linger in your memory long after the trip ends.

Let’s embark on a journey together. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or it’s your first time spreading your wings, I’m here to ensure your travels are not just destinations but a collection of unforgettable stories. Let’s make your next adventure extraordinary!

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